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Privacy Information according to Italian law 31 December 1996 N. 675/96. In conformity with the dispositions provided by law 675/96 concerning protective measures on personal data - Privacy Policy, the Camping Club Piccadilly with legal seat in Donnalucata (RG), informs you on the following:

1. Any personal information you will freely provide, either as part of the questionnaire or as part of a reservation is considered part of your personal account at Camping Club Piccadilly. We collect this information and store it in a secure manner. Your personal information will only be used for the purposes for which it was provided, will be kept in strict confidence and will not be shared with another entity except as prescribed by the law.
2. According to Article 13 of Italian Law, it is your right to change or cancel your personal data any time you wish to do so, or ask that they are not used according to article 1 of our statute; just write to Camping Club Piccadilly, via Mare Adriatico, C.da Spinasanta Donnalucata (RG), or send an email, with the following Ref.: (TRATTAMENTO DEI DATI PERSONALI L.675/96 = PRIVACY POLICY L.675/96)


The Association does not have any economical, religious or political purposes. Its main aim is:
- to promote every cultural, social, tourist and free-time activities as well as sports activities;
- to promote activities encouraging the interest in the discovery of the local territory;
- to promote, organize and manage seaside areas, seaside establishments, discos, meeting -places, with bars, piano-bars, refreshment rooms, drinks and food supply, tourist accommodation of every kind, camping sites for individuals, families or groups;
- administrate the above structures ;
- achieve its aims in order to grant its Associates and their families a pleasant , healthy stay; the Association is allowed to do every movable, immovable or financial operations, if necessary in order to achieve the social object, request of public contributions, financing and helps from private and public institutions.

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